Storm Smart F.A.Q

What topics will be covered?
Lightning safety (Van de Graaff demo)
Strong Winds:
*Local records/statistics
*Ease severe storm anxiety*
Cool Clouds
Rainbow science
Everyone in attendance will get a Storm Smart ‘keep your cool’ card recapping the
info we cover.

What age group?
Between Kindergarten and Middle School

How much do the shirts cost?
• $17
• But every kid attending will get a Storm Smart Info Card

How does the fundraiser work?
$3 per every shirt goes back to your school PTO/PTA or wherever you want. I will present the check at the end of my assembly program. Since the minimum is 100 shirts, the minimum will be $300 back to you.

When can we schedule the assembly?
• At least 3 weeks from when shirt order is in. Plan at least one week to get orders from parents. So we can start 4 weeks from when you sign up.
• Best start time is 10 AM to 1 PM depending on my travel time (I have kids I need to get on and off the bus)
• We can do an earlier time on some Mondays and later afternoon on some Fridays. Please ask with dates in mind.

How Many Kids Can Be In the Assembly?
• A full grade or full school. If over 500 kids, preferably we can do two separate assemblies

How can we get two assemblies?
• Sell 200 or more shirts.

What can be expected in the assembly?
• Plenty of photos
• Some videos
• Discussion of a few weather instruments
• Lightning/Electricity demonstration with a Van de Graaff Generator. This will involve multiple volunteers

How long is the assembly?
• Between 60 and 90 minutes
• Start time is when the kids should all be assembled.

Will we do a group photo?
• Sure! I want the kids to feel like they are famous.
• Everyone in a Storm Smart shirt will be gathered at the end of the assembly for the photo
• Please check for clearance of kids to be in the photo.
• I will post on all of my social media accounts for them to see,

What does the school need to provide?
• Large room
• Projector
• Speakers
• Extra Power Outlets
• Table for demonstrations
• Happy Kids