Faith In The Flakes Assembly

Combine the love of snow with a fun school spirit shirt and a STEM Assembly presented by award winning AMS Meteorologist Justin Berk.

• Minimum order of 100 shirts to place order and schedule assembly.
• $18 per shirt
• A portion of the shirt sales will go back to the PTO/PTA.
• 2 Weeks To Collect Orders.
• School sends order with payment in full.
• Schedule Assembly with Justin, when shirts will be delivered. We can get shirts delivered ASAP and schedule assembly later in winter or spring to accommodate.
• Justin will present check back to PTO/PTA at the end of assembly.
Shirt front: Your School Name has Faith in the Flakes. Single color.
Shirt back: Pre-Snowfall Checklist

This includes the rituals many like to do to help it snow.

• PJs inside out
• spoon under the pillow
•white crayon/chalk on window
• flushing ice cubes, snow dance…

The last item is most important:
Do all of your homework.

Key Notes:
• The benefit to the PTO will increase with more shirt sales:
• The proceeds to the PTO are based on bulk orders:
100 shirts = $3.00 per shirt back to PTO = $300+
300 shirts = $3.50 per shirt back to PTO = $1,050+
500 shirts = $4.00 per shirt back to PTO = $2,000+

Should you not want the PTO fundraiser portion, we can discuss any lower cost of the shirts.

• This is first come basis: Please confirm dates available before hand out to parents.  We can hold tentative date and firm up with confirmed interest and order.
• Yes, kids who do not purchase a shirt are welcome to the assembly at the schools discretion.
• Assembly will be based around snow and winter weather with a STEM theme throughout.
• Interactive demonstrations
• Can be presented for multiple grades or the entire school
• Time between 60 and 90 minutes

Items needed at assembly:
Large room to accommodate large student body.
Power source with connection for computer to projector and speakers needed.
A table next to projector for additional demonstration items.

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